The PADI Green Star Dive Center Award, is given to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that demonstrate a dedication to conservation through a wide range of business functions, including saving water, using energy, and environmentally friendly practices. The use of sustainable materials, leadership in conservation, etc. The Green Star award identifies diving companies that care about the environment and are acting to protect it.
We have worked for 25 years in the study and protection of the natural resources of the “Corales del Rosario” Park.
Our primary purpose is to share this wonderful environment with others because “we cannot love what we do not know and we cannot care for what we do not love.” Buying our services means saying: I CONTRIBUTE.

Avoiding damage to the ecosystem
Planting underwater anchor buoys to prevent boats from dropping their anchors on the corals, carrying out the underwater cleaning day, leading a PEZ LEÓN control campaign, integrating buoyancy workshops in all our courses, are examples of some of our activities conservation.

Creating awareness
We succeeded in getting the national government to decree December 5 as “National Day of Coral Reefs.” On this day, the “The Color of Corals” campaign was launched, which measures the impact of global warming on coral bleaching. Now every year we celebrate this day so that more people realize the importance of this ecosystem.

Studying and researching
Participation and support in research activities such as the campaign for the protection of parrotfish and the study of coral reproduction carried out by experts and marine biologists dedicated to the study of this wonderful reproductive process.

With responsible tourism
Training of young people from the region as ecological guides in snorkeling and diving. At least 80% of the people who work with us on the islands are natives who have trained with us and who have replaced artisanal fishing with the tourist guide aimed at protecting the environment of the islands.

If you want to be part of the solution, you can take one of our specialties that bring you closer to the care and conservation of coral reefs: Buoyancy and Naturalist.


Managing our company in a socially and environmentally committed way, has deserved us to be part of TRAVELIFE. An environmental seal that is delivered to companies that are working on sustainability, customer satisfaction, staff motivation and business efficiency.

In addition to socially and environmentally sustainable practices, Diving Planet has a flagship program that works with the most vulnerable people in our country: low-income people with disabilities.

Thanks to those who take our diving courses and tours in Cartagena, more than 250 people with disabilities have had an incredible diving experience in a world with ZERO GRAVITY, where they can “fly” and discover that their potential is infinite.

An experiential learning process where the theoretical concepts of emotional rehabilitation are replaced by activities in which the participants demonstrate to themselves and others that there are no limits; that they can achieve anything they set out to do.

Uniting man and nature

Corals are unable to “run away” from dangers such as global warming, pollution, etc. Due to their sessile condition (they are stationary) they are more vulnerable to all these threats.

With this program, people with disabilities, who due to their reduced mobility become “ambassadors” for the conservation of coral reefs, uniting in a common front.

Changing reality

Change the internal point of view to see things not as a problem but as a challenge, as an adventure. The obstacles do not change, the way I relate to them changes and from this new perception, I connect with the world.

Connecting them with their humanity.

A world without gravity where I can detach myself from my wheelchair, crutches or prosthesis and “fly” within a beautiful environment, in peace and tranquility, it becomes a vehicle to connect with its humanity.

Giving tools

A process with a group focus, working in pairs, opens the doors again to personal relationships, to trust in others: Trust, responsibility, group work.

Proving that there are no limits

With this activity, they show themselves, their families and society in general, that the limits are more in the mind than in the body, that whatever they set their minds can be achieved.

If you are a person with a disability, or you know someone with this condition, you can take the adapted diving courses or the courses of “accompanying a diver with a disability” that we teach at our dive center.