Diving Planet is committed to improving environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects, complying with sustainability requirements, current regulations and other applicable requirements (rights and duties) to satisfy the expectations of interested groups (collaborators, clients, investors, suppliers and community).

  1. Environmental.

– Identify the environmental aspects and impacts that, associated with the organization’s activity, affect the environment.

– Preserve and protect the Environment, improving or maintaining the positive impacts generated by the Organization, minimizing or eliminating negative impacts whenever possible.

– Promote and conserve the natural heritage of the region and prevent the illicit traffic of wild flora and fauna.

  1. Cultural

– Promote and conserve the national cultural heritage and prevent the illicit traffic of cultural property within the organization.

  1. Social

– Participate and support programs that improve the quality of life of the internal community, the environment and reduce discrimination.

– Advance actions focused on the prevention of Sexual and labor exploitation of children and adolescents.

  1. Economic

– Ensure viable long-term economic activities that provide all stakeholders with well-distributed economic benefits, including opportunities for stable employment, income earning and social services for our workers, contributing to poverty reduction and the non-hiring of minors.

Management undertakes to provide all support and collaboration for the implementation of this Policy, including the necessary human, technical, financial and administrative resources.

Cartagena de Indias, January 4, 2019