From what age can you do the activity?

Diving can be done from 10 years of age. However, for minors, we can offer booble maker activities (breathing from a team in a natural pool) or snorkeling.

I am a certified diver but I did not bring my license ... can I dive?

We can look up your certificate on the internet if you are a PADI. But if we can’t find you for safety you can’t dive. In that case, you could take a refresh or diving mini-course to carry out the activity

I am a diver but my companion is not, what can we do?

Don’t worry, your companion can go with you and do a snorkeling activity, or take a Mini Diving Course.

I want to go diving, but I haven't scuba in a long time, what can I do?

If you have not been diving for more than a year, you have to do a refresh which is a basic theoretical part, a practice in confined water and a dive in open water.

What do I have to bring?

Towel, sunscreen, cap, sandals and of course a bathing suit. You do not need your passport but it is good to have a copy with you.

I see that they offer diving insurance, but I have mine. Can it be discounted?

By policy, all our clients must be covered by company insurance but this does not imply an additional cost.

What are the dive sites?

We always dive in the Rosario Islands since in this natural coral park we find more than 20 diving spots, however we choose these depending on the conditions of the day.

What you can see?

Different species of corals, sponges and reef fish. You can see all the information, photos and videos in our gallery.

Sharks seen?

Unfortunately these species are very rare in the Rosario Islands but there is a great variety of other fish and coral reefs. You can see all the information, photos and videos in this link

Is the boat covered?

Only part of the boat is covered. That is why we ask that if possible you bring sunscreen and a cap or hat

How many people are in the boat?

That varies depending on the day but for certified divers we do not go with more than 8 people with each instructor and for mini courses 4 people for each instructor.

And if the weather conditions are bad the day I book, what happens?

The first thing is your safety and if the conditions are not suitable for diving, we must cancel the trip and you will have a 100% refund. However, this is not a common situation in our destination.

How are the conditions in terms of visibility, currents, depth, temperature, etc.?

In the following link you will find all the information about diving conditions in the Rosario Islands

Are there sunken ships?

Yes, there is a boat but it is not always possible to go due to the current conditions in the area, however you will see a great variety of corals in the other dive sites.

Are wetsuits needed?

Normally they are not necessary but if you want one, we can offer you a short one included in the plan.

How long do the dives take?

That depends on many factors, but about 45 minutes.

How long do I have to wait to be able to fly?

It’s 18 hours.