1. Adaptation of a travel agency that operates recreation activities.

Cleaning and disinfection stations will be created with security elements


– Shoe disinfection,

– Gel dispenser.

– Basic information on the protocols.

Receipt of packages and documents

– With alcohol spray


– Bathrooms with liquid soap, disposable towels and instructions for hand washing.

– In marinas and hotels where they do not have their own bathroom, the diving center will ensure that those offered by these facilities have the necessary resources and that the sanitary protocols defined for the subsector are complied with.

– Trash cans with lid.

  1. Maintenance and disinfection

For staff:

– Hand washing every 3

– In boats disinfection with antibacterial gel

For diving equipment:

– Cleaning protocols in the morning before starting the activity and in the afternoon once it is finished.

– Special protocols in critical areas such as masks, fins, breathing tubes and regulators.

Maintenance and disinfection of dive boats:

– Before and after each cycle of use with special emphasis on areas susceptible to contact: stairs, railings, handrails, chairs, controls, etc.

Note: The entry of items other than those necessary for the activity will not be allowed.

  1. Personal protection elements

– Personal facemask (each person must have their own).

– Acrylic masks or protective glasses (each person must have their own).

– Container for personal water avoiding the use of single plastics.

  1. Interaction within the facilities

– Remote temperature measurement at the beginning of the

– Medical control questionnaire for COVID-19 and other affectations.

– Magnetic media for documents such as:

– Distance learning courses.

– Exonerations,

– Electronic payments through reservations or transfers. If this is not possible, follow the protocol for receiving packages with spray.

  1. In tourist and recreation tours.

– Transfers by boat following the guidelines of the port, local and national authorities.

– Limit the number of people for each guide as follows:

– For certified divers 6 clients per instructor or guide.

– For courses and mini-courses 4 divers per instructor or guide.

– Distance protocols of 1.5 meters on the surface: Entry to the water, point of descend, and boarding after the activities.

  1. Interaction with clients

– People with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19 could NOT participate in our activities.

– Publication of protocols on magnetic media.

– Filling of records and exonerations in magnetic media. If this cannot be done, the cleaning protocols considered in the “receipt of packages” will be carried out.